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New Novels

New books announced

6 June 2018 - Several new books have been announced for 2019. Squirrelflight's Kin will be a Super Edition based on Squirrelflight. The Lost Stars is the working title for the first book in the A Broken Code arc. The Path of a Warrior is the name of the book of three new novellas, starring Redtail, Shadowstar, and Tawnypelt. Appledash thegodofwar 00:35, June 7, 2018 (UTC)

Warriors movie news

17 May 2018 - Despite money loss in Alibaba Pictures, the Warriors movie has gotten two new screenwriters - Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Burger. Both have been credited with other movies that have done well at the box office, while a STX member known as Gigi Pritzker will produce the live-action CGI hybrid. Appledash thegodofwar 13:36, May 17, 2018 (UTC)

River of Fire released.

10 April 2018 - The fifth book in the A Vision of Shadows Arc, titled River of Fire is now available! Be sure to grab your copies wherever books are sold! spooky sleepy white furry 01:54, 4/10/2018

Possible Warriors Movie release date. 16 January 2018 - Starlight, which was just recently released in Italy, has a phrase on the back that translates to "upcoming Warriors film in 2018!" Nothing is confirmed yet and Kate Cary says that she knows nothing of the matter, but the back cover can be found on any Italian version of Starlight. JayoftheShadows 08:34, January 16, 2018 (UTC)

Darkest Night released.

09 November 2017 - The fourth book in the A Vision of Shadows Arc, titled Darkest Night is now available! Be sure to grab your copies wherever books are sold! JayoftheShadows 01:02, November 09, 2017 (UTC)

Victoria Holmes revealed she has been struggling with cancer.

25 October 2017 - Unfortunately, one of the main authors of Warriors, Victoria Holmes, revealed that she has been struggling with cancer, and will be going in for chemo soon. Pray to StarClan for a quick recovery! JayoftheShadows 01:24, October 25, 2017 (UTC)

Tigerheart's Shadow released.

08 September 2017 - The tenth Super Edition, titled Tigerheart's Shadow is now available! Be sure to grab your copies wherever books are sold! JayoftheShadows 01:03, September 08, 2017 (UTC)

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Character Feature


Riverstar is a sleek gray tom with rippling stripes. He is the first leader of RiverClan.

He makes his first appearance as a loner who lives near the river, named River Ripple. He saves Thunder and Gray Wing from a forest fire that blazes in Clear Sky's camp due to his extensive knowledge of water.

It is revealed that he lived in a group known as Cats of the Park, in which was disbanded by Twolegs. He ran away, and the river ended up saving his life. Due to the river, he changes his original name - which was Ripple - to River Ripple.

When Turtle Tail's kits are kidnapped, River Ripple helps Thunder and Lightning Tail find them. They track the kits back to their father, Tom. They devise a plan to save the kits, in which River Ripple would convince the kits that the life of a kittypet is not worth living. He is able to succeed, and brings the kits to the river so they can return to their home.

In the aftermath of The Great Battle, River Ripple is revealed to have been watching it. Thunder asks why he did not help, and he replies that it was not his battle. He asks Clear Sky if leaving the mountains was just something to fight over, and Clear Sky retorts that he just wanted prey for every cat. Looking at the dead bodies, River Ripple dryly reports that there will be enough.

As the spirits of the dead cats rise, Turtle Tail thanks River Ripple for rescuing her kits. Clear Sky snorts that River Ripple is just a rogue, and Turtle Tail tells him that he is not just a rogue - he had been in the forest longer than the mountain cats have been, and he had seen a lot of life. River Ripple says that the fighting has to fight, and Clear Sky tells him he does not have an opinion. This infuriates Storm, who berates Clear Sky for his comment.

Seeing Gray Wing in the center of the Fourtrees, where the Great Battle took place, River Ripple offers his home to him for a bit. Gray Wing, realizing that he is a friend, follows him to his home. The two develop a closer relationship during Gray Wing's time at his camp.

As a brand new sickness invades the forest territories, River Ripple reports seeing it in his land.

When One Eye proves to be a threat in the territories, Thunder and Lightning Tail tell River Ripple of their plan to kill him. When told that Gray Wing will be involved, River Ripple helps them. He is a part of the cats that plan to ambush One Eye and kill him. The plan succeeds, and One Eye is killed.

A dream comes to all four leaders, in which the spirit cats urge them to "grow and spread." River Ripple opens his camp to any cats who want to join, and a few cats who had made the journey from the mountains opt to join him.

Later, with River Ripple's group now known as RiverClan, he receives his nine lives and names from StarClan, being known as Riverstar.

Book Feature

Shattered Sky

Shattered Sky was released on April 11th, 2017. It is the third book in the A Vision of Shadows arc, and follows the aftermath of Thunder and Shadow.

Darktail has taken over ShadowClan's camp, forcing Rowanstar and the remaining ShadowClan cats to retreat. He names his new group "The Kin," and rules with an iron fist. Violetpaw stays with The Kin, too scared to leave Needletail, the only kin she knows.

A battle starts at the beginning of the book, the Clans against the Kin, but the Kin wins, due to WindClan retreating in the middle of it. Due to this, tension between all the Clans grow higher and higher. In spite of this, Alderheart continues to receive dreams that signal a returning of the long lost Clan, SkyClan.

Twigpaw disappears, leaving Bramblestar and Alderheart to believe that she has gone to search for SkyClan. Bramblestar sends a patrol to search for her, and, in the mean time, Darktail strikes again, taking over RiverClan's territory. RiverClan takes refugee in ThunderClan's camp, much to the annoyance of their warriors. The search patrol for Twigpaw return, but they believe the young apprentice is dead.

Violetpaw agrees to become a spy in Darktail's camp to try to free the prisoners that Darktail had taken during his raid on RiverClan. She is asked to drug Darktail, and she agrees to do so.

It is revealed that Twigpaw is alive, as after being hit by a monster, she was healed by a vet. Despite her injury, she continues her search for SkyClan. Eventually, she succeeds, meeting their leader, Leafstar, and their deputy, Hawkwing. As Twigpaw takes SkyClan back home, Hawkwing reveals to her that he is her father.

Violetpaw attempts to drug Darktail, but Sleekwhisker foils her plan. Darktail believes that punishing Violetpaw would not be enough, and he brings Needletail and Violetpaw to the lakeshore. He starts to drown Needletail until Violetpaw proves her guilt, and Violetpaw eventually confesses, but he still drowns Needletail regardless. Darktail tells Needletail to kill Violetpaw to prove her loyalty to him. Needletail pretends to attack Violetpaw, but whispers to her to run. Violetpaw turns, knowing that Needletail is sacrificing her life for the black and white she-cat to escape. In the end, Darktail, helped by Sleekwhisker and Roach, drown Needletail.

The Clans arrive to the ShadowClan camp to see the prisoners fighting against their captives. Many ShadowClan cats have joined in to drive away the rogues, and once the rogues are defeated, they promise loyalty to Rowanstar again.

Upon returning to ThunderClan's camp, Twigpaw has brought SkyClan back with her. She introduces Hawkwing, her father, to Violetpaw, her sister. More introductions are made, and the medicine cats head to the Moonpool to visit StarClan. StarClan tells them that all Clans must be united again - referring to WindClan, who had closed their borders.

A patrol is sent to WindClan, and Darktail is attacking the WindClan cats. He is driven off, but promises they have not seen the last of them. Onestar explains to the patrol that he is the father of Darktail, asking the other Clans to help fight against his son. They organize a battle that plays to each Clan's respective strengths, and the battle is brought down to the lakeshore. Onestar and Darktail grapple there, and they drive each other into the lake. None of them resurface.

The Clans split up, and decide that, for now, SkyClan will share territory with the other Clans until they decide a place for them. Hawkwing asks Violetpaw and Twigpaw to join SkyClan, but both sisters are confused on where they belong - although they do know one thing for sure - that change is coming.

World Feature

Name changing ceremony

A name changing ceremony takes place when a leader decides to give a Clan cat a new name, whether it may be because the name suits them more, or it no longer portrays who they are. Examples of cats getting their name changes include Crookedstar, who was originally Stormkit, but his mother had requested his name to be changed to Crookedkit after his jaw was injured. Brightheart is another example - originally, she had a name of Brightpaw, but Bluestar, full with rage towards StarClan, renamed her Lostface. When Fireheart became leader, he and Cloudtail decided the name was too cruel and changed her name to Brightheart.

Another example is changing a name to fool an enemy. Heatherstar names Hopkit to Deadpaw, explaining that his new name would fool an enemy into battle to think that he would be a foe to not worry about.

Name changing ceremonies are rather rare, but they can be requested.

Reality Feature

Kathleen Mclnerney

Kathleen Mclnerney, known professionally as Veronica Taylor, is an actress and audiobook narrator. She has narrated four of the audiobooks in the Omen of the Stars arc.

She has acted in the Pokemon series, and narrated other books by bestselling authors. She has won an AudioFile Earphones Award, and appeared onstage around the United States in theater.