The Warriors Wiki is a group project, but every group project needs direction and focus.

Short Term

All Contributers

  1. Eliminate Style Concerns
  2. Eliminate Stubs List
  3. Eliminate Redlinks

Specific Groups

  1. Address vandalism as required
  2. Address problems as they appear
  3. Improve Rules, Guidelines and Help Pages whenever and wherever possible
Project Characters
  1. To improve all Character (All characters that appear within the series, or mentioned) articles of the Wiki.
  2. To get all Character articles to Silver grade.
Project Character Art
  1. To create art for all characters with stated descriptions.
Project World
  1. To improve all World articles (articles within the Warriors world such as places and animals other than cats) of the Wiki.
  2. To get all World articles to Silver grade.
Project Books
  1. To improve all Book articles (Articles with summaries and information about the Books) of the Wiki.
  2. To get all Book articles to Silver grade.
Project Reality
  1. To improve all Reality articles (people, games of the Warriors world) of the Wiki.
  2. To get all Reality articles to Silver grade.

Long Term

  • To be Revised!

Please Note

If you feel changes should be made to these goals, open a discussion about the matter on the talk page.

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