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Hawkwing's Journey

Hawkwing's Journey was released on 1 November 2016, and is the ninth of many Super Editions which have been released by HarperCollins. This was written by Cherith Baldry, and features SkyClan and one of their most prominent members, a young cat named Hawkwing.

Featured moons after the events Ravenpaw's Farewell, Leafstar and SkyClan are still going strong. A young apprentice, Hawkpaw, shows great promise. During a fire, Hawkpaw is forced to make a choice, and one that will shape his life for many moons to come. Choosing between cats is hard, and this decision results in the death of someone close to Hawkpaw. For his bravery in rescuing another cat, however, Leafstar awards Hawkpaw with his warrior name, Hawkwing.

Hawkwing and the others embark on many a journey, and these will prove to be some of the most difficult the young cat will face; SkyClan faces a darkness unlike any they've faced before, and only by seeking out the kin of Firestar will they be able to restore SkyClan to its former glory.

Thunder and Shadow

Thunder and Shadow was released 6 September 2016 and is the second book in the Vision of Shadows Arc.

It has been nearly one moon since Alderpaw and Needlepaw found Violetkit and Twigkit. The two have been given to ShadowClan and ThunderClan, but rivalries are growing between all the Clans. The cats from the gorge have followed Alderpaw back home, and it is their plan to conquer all the Clans. They are able to succeed with one. Will they succeed with the rest?
Warriors Wiki Twitter account created.

19 July 2017 - Warriors Wiki now has its own Twitter account. This is where we'll be posting news, such as book releases, dates, news on the Wiki, etc. Follow it if you want to. Appledashkrebs x burgdorf 19:56, April 19, 2017 (UTC)

Warriors movie producer named.

20 November 2016 - Alibaba Pictures confirms that David Heyman, also the producer of the Harry Potter series movies, will be producing the Warriors movie. No further information is known, but an interview was taken and released online. It is also confirmed the movie with be CGI, and will probably be released in 3-dimensional format. JayoftheShadows 02:44, November 21, 2016 (UTC)

Hawkwing's Journey released.

01 November 2016 - The ninth Super Edition, titled Hawkwing's Journey is now available! Be sure to grab your copies wherever books are sold. JayoftheShadows 08:37, November 01, 2016 (UTC)

Warriors movie rights bought.

20 October 2016 - Alibaba Pictures has bought the rights to Warriors. There is currently no more information on the subject, but we will learn more as it gets deeper into the process. JayoftheShadows 08:31, November 01, 2016 (UTC)

Thunder and Shadow released.

02 October 2016 - It's late but Thunder and Shadow has been released! Make sure your copies. to get your copies on Amazon, iBooks, Google Play, or wherever books are sold. Appledashkrebs x burgdorf 05:41, April 2, 2016 (UTC)

Moth Flight's Vision released.

03 November 2015 - The newest Super Edition, titled Moth Flight's Vision, is finally released! Make sure to get your copies wherever books are sold. Appledashkrebs x burgdorf

Goosefeather's Curse and Path of Stars released.

01 September 2015 - The two latest books - the newest novella and the last edition in the DOTC series are now available! Be sure to get your copies! You can get Goosefeather's Curse on Amazon or iBooks, and Path of Stars is available wherever books are sold. Appledashkrebs x burgdorf 00:36, September 2, 2015 (UTC)

New Covers released and announced, The Apprentice's Quest announced, Goosefeather's Curse, Path of Stars, to be released.

21 July 2015 - The new covers for the Power of Three books are now officially released! Check your local book stores to see if they have them in stock. The new covers of Omen of the Stars will be released on November 3rd, 2015. Goosefeather's Curse is to be released on September 1st, 2015, along with Path of Stars. And the 6th series has been announced, called Vision of Shadows, with The Apprentice's Quest being the first book to be released on March 16th, 2016. Appledashkrebs x burgdorf 17:05, July 21, 2015 (UTC)

Mapleshade's Vengeance and A Forest Divided to be released.

04 March 2015 - Mapleshade's Vengeance, A Forest Divided, and the new cover re-releases of the first two arcs of Warriors are due for release within the next month! Be sure to get your copies! jayce andromeda initiative <  > 21:46, March 4, 2015 (UTC)

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Super Editions #10 Tigerheart's Shadow 5 September 2017

A Vision of Shadows #4 Darkest Night 7 November 2017


Ravenpaw's Farewell was released 26 January 2016 and is a novella featuring Ravenpaw.

Ravenpaw has a dream about him, Firepaw and Graypaw when they were all apprentices. Barley wakes him up, suggesting they go for a walk in the forest. Ravenpaw agrees, and they go and walk back to ThunderClan's old camp. They walk in and look around, and the black tom remembers when Firestar first told him about SkyClan. The pair leave to look around more, but encounter Madric, who has his cats chase him. They are stopped by Violet, Barley's sister, stops them. They then follow the she-cat back to her Twoleg Nest where she shows them her four kits. The kits are named Bella, Riley, Lulu, and Patch. Ravenpaw and Barley then decide to go back the barn.

In leafbare, Ravenpaw begins to notice an ache in his belly, but passes it off as something he ate. Time passes, and in newleaf, Violet, Riley, and Bella come to visit. In the barn, Ravenpaw teaches the young cats to catch mice, and both say they want to become warriors. However, their mother heavily discourages the idea. They go home the next day, but both cats are very reluctant to leave, and don't want to become kittypets. Ravenpaw has a dream from Silverstream, who tells him to take the two young cats to SkyClan. The next morning, he goes to Violet's Twoleg nest alone, as Barley refused to come with him. Eventually, after some persuasion, Riley and Bella leave with Ravenpaw from there and start on their journey. They walk back to the barn and hunt for the night. The black tom again tries to convince Barley to come with them, but he says no. The next morning, they travel again, and get chased by a dog. It soon goes away, but the kits are now very quiet. Ravenpaw goes to hunt with Riley, and when he comes back, he finds Bella eating Twoleg food. He scolds her and explains why she shouldn't, all while wondering if these two will ever become warriors.

After another day, Ravenpaw teaches the two some fighting moves. Then, they continue to travel, and come across a barn that Barley is in. It turns out that the tom had left soon after them to catch up, and would like to be a part of the journey. Ravenpaw is happy, and the next day, they continue to follow the river. They rest in a cave, and the black tom knows that Firestar and Sandstorm once rested here. However, the cats wake up to see some kittypets threatening them. They are quickly beaten off, and the cats go back to sleep. The next morning, they travel to SkyClan's border, and are neatly turned away by Leafstar. Disheartened, they go back to the cave they stayed in. That night, Ravenpaw dreams with Silverstream, and they go back to SkyClan the next morning. After a talk with Leafstar, SkyClan begins preparation for how to fend off the kittypets bothering them. Then, they go back to sleep, and Ravenpaw is offered a warrior name by StarClan cats in a dream. He declines.

The next day, SkyClan fights the kittypets, and Ravenpaw's belly gets injured. He is able to watch Leafstar make Riley and Bella into apprentices. However, soon after, Ravenpaw begins feeling very ill. Barley tries to bring him to Echosong's den, but she tells him it's too late. Ravenpaw dies between Barley's paws, and as he passes, Leafstar is heard saying that they will keep a vigil for him. The black tom is sad to leave Barley, but believes that he will see his friend again one day.
A mentor is a warrior who, along with their regular tasks, trains an apprentice of their Clan the ways of the Clans and how to be a warrior. The mentor teaches them how to hunt, fight, and patrol borders; as well as the ways of the Warrior Code and their own Clan. The leader, and sometimes the deputy, decide on who the mentor of a apprentice will be. Warriors may request to apprentice a kit, but in general, cats are not allowed to mentor family.

In some cases, cats must delay their apprenticeship or pause their training. The most common reason is from injury, in which case the apprentice often ends up becoming a medicine cat.

Poppydawn is a longhaired, dark red tabby she-cat with a long, bushy, thick tail, round amber eyes, and a muzzle turned gray with age. She is a Warrior of ThunderClan.
In Goosefeather's Curse, Poppykit and her brother Heronkit play with their denmates. They decide to play hide-and-seek with Goosekit and Moonkit, and Poppykit is the first to find everyone. She uncovers Goosekit near Cloudberry's herbs and praises him for finding a spot where it'd be hard to scent him. Both are scolded by the medicine cat, and the pair sulk away.
Soon, it's Poppykit's turn to hide, and she and Rabbitkit go near Doestar's den. Goosekit finds them, blaming the noise and scent for their easily found location. After the game, they accuse him of cheating, and no longer want to play with him. Poppykit becomes an apprentice and is renamed Poppypaw. Moons later, Doestar performs Poppypaw’s warrior ceremony alongside Moonpaw, Heronpaw, and Rabbitpaw. The leader mentions their courage and loyalty, and renames them Poppydawn, Moonflower, Heronwing, and Rabbitleap.
In Bluestar's Prophecy, Poppydawn is a ThunderClan queen, expecting Windflight's kits. Four moons later, she gives birth to three kits: Thistlekit, Sweetkit, and Rosekit. When old enough, she encourages the kits to go play outisde before it begins to rain. Poppydawn asks Bluepaw what happened at the Gathering yesterday, but Featherwhisker answers instead, filling her in on Pinestar's report. The Clan soon prepares for a battle with WindClan, and Poppydawn stands in the clearing with her kits. She admonishes them for playing with their prey, noting that it died so they could live. After the battle, the queen grieves when Moonflower dies and sits vigil with her.

While ThunderClan attempts to take back Sunningrocks, Poppydawn is ordered to wait at the ravine's top in case if RiverClan tried to attack camp. After the attempt, Poppydawn and the others meet the returning cats at the ravine's top, and asks if they shredded RiverClan. That night, Bluefur sees Poppydawn pacing outside the apprentices' den. She is worried about Sweetpaw and Rosepaw, so Featherwhisler comes to watch over them. Poppy dawn continues to care for them, by bringing water-soaked moss to the apprentice's den. Eventually, Rosepaw recovers, but Sweetpaw dies and her death is mourned. She sits vigil with her Clanmates for her daughter, and Pinestar then announces that he's going to come a kittypet. Poppydawn is shocked, and wonders why a leader would do such a thing.
Later, Poppydawn resigns from the rank of warrior, choosing to live as an elder of the Clan.
In Code of the Clans, Poppydawn is a sickly elder who has greencough. Darkstripe and Longtail go out to hunt and find food for the ill. However, they eat their catch before they return, and come back empty-pawed. As a result, Poppydawn dies from her greencough, as she needed prey to be able to keep the catmint down and fight the illness. Both realize what they did, and Longtail feels Poppydawn's presence. He apologizes, but she whispers that it's too late.
Bettina Kurkoski
Bettina Kurkoski is an artist who did artwork for some of the Warriors graphic novels.

Bettina was born on March 26, 1973, near Montague, Massachusetts, and currently resides in Plymouth, Massachusetts. She was educated at Plymouth North High School where she achieved a degree in General Studies and went on to The University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, where she earned a BFA in Illustration. However, as she notes in a quote, she is largely self-taught. After she graduated, she began searching for art-realated jobs, but shortly after that, tragedy struck, and she was hospitalized and underwent surgery.

When she recovered, she started all over again, and using the internet, she launched her own web page to showcase her work. After her friends told her about TOKYOPOP's Rising Stars of Manga 2 competition, she applied for the competition in 2003, and got placed as runner-up. Bettina did the OEL manga, My Cat Loki, and it was her first proffesionally published series by TOKYOPOP.

She also illustrated the exclusive cover for Star Trek the Manga: Shinsei Shinei, both cover and short story "Communication Breakdown" for Star Trek the Manga: Kakan ni Shinkou and Warriors: Rise of Scourge, all published from TOKYOPOP.

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