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Tigerheart's Shadow

Tigerheart's Shadow was released on 5 September 2017, and is the ninth of many Super Editions which have been released by HarperCollins. This was written by Kate Cary, and features Tigerheart and other major character such as Dovewing and Rowanstar.

Featured moons after the events Shattered Sky, ShadowClan is more weak and vulnerable as ever, with many cats questioning Rowanstar's leadership. In the middle of this turmoil lies Tigerheart, who's loyalty to ShadowClan is conflicted with his loyalty to Dovewing.

Tigerheart is determined to help his Clan survive. But a crossroad is fast approaching... and when their medicine cat has an ominous vision, Tigerheart discovers that the only way to save his Clan may be to leave it behind forever.

Darkest Night

Darkest Night was released 07 November 2017 and is the book in the Vision of Shadows Arc. SkyClan has returned to its rightful place among the other four warrior Clans, hoping to find a new territory to call home. But not every cat is convinced that this is where SkyClan belongs. The careful balance around the lake is more fragile than ever before—and the fate of all the warrior Clans remains uncertain.

Possible Warriors Movie release date.

16 January 2018 - Starlight, which was just recently released in Italy, has a phrase on the back that translates to "upcoming Warriors film in 2018!" Nothing is confirmed yet and Kate Cary says that she knows nothing of the matter, but the back cover can be found on any Italian version of Starlight. JayoftheShadows 08:34, January 16, 2018 (UTC)

Darkest Night released.

09 November 2017 - The fourth book in the A Vision of Shadows Arc, titled Darkest Night is now available! Be sure to grab your copies wherever books are sold! JayoftheShadows 01:02, November 09, 2017 (UTC)

Victoria Holmes revealed she has been struggling with cancer.

25 October 2017 Unfortunately, one of the main authors of Warriors, Victoria Holmes, revealed that she has been struggling with cancer, and will be going in for chemo soon. Pray to StarClan for a quick recovery! JayoftheShadows 01:24, October 25, 2017 (UTC)

Tigerheart's Shadow released.

08 September 2017 - The tenth Super Edition, titled Tigerheart's Shadow is now available! Be sure to grab your copies wherever books are sold! JayoftheShadows 01:03, September 08, 2017 (UTC)

Warriors Wiki Twitter account created.

19 July 2017 - Warriors Wiki now has its own Twitter account. This is where we'll be posting news, such as book releases, dates, news on the Wiki, etc. Follow it if you want to. Appledash❤ crowfeather 19:56, April 19, 2017 (UTC)

Warriors movie producer named.

20 November 2016 - Alibaba Pictures confirms that David Heyman, also the producer of the Harry Potter series movies, will be producing the Warriors movie. No further information is known, but an interview was taken and released online. It is also confirmed the movie with be CGI, and will probably be released in 3-dimensional format. JayoftheShadows 02:44, November 21, 2016 (UTC)

Hawkwing's Journey released.

01 November 2016 - The ninth Super Edition, titled Hawkwing's Journey is now available! Be sure to grab your copies wherever books are sold. JayoftheShadows 08:37, November 01, 2016 (UTC)

Warriors movie rights bought.

20 October 2016 - Alibaba Pictures has bought the rights to Warriors. There is currently no more information on the subject, but we will learn more as it gets deeper into the process. JayoftheShadows 08:31, November 01, 2016 (UTC)

Thunder and Shadow released.

02 October 2016 - It's late but Thunder and Shadow has been released! Make sure your copies. to get your copies on Amazon, iBooks, Google Play, or wherever books are sold. Appledash❤ crowfeather 05:41, April 2, 2016 (UTC)

Moth Flight's Vision released.

03 November 2015 - The newest Super Edition, titled Moth Flight's Vision, is finally released! Make sure to get your copies wherever books are sold. Appledash❤ crowfeather

Goosefeather's Curse and Path of Stars released.

01 September 2015 - The two latest books - the newest novella and the last edition in the DOTC series are now available! Be sure to get your copies! You can get Goosefeather's Curse on Amazon or iBooks, and Path of Stars is available wherever books are sold. Appledash❤ crowfeather 00:36, September 2, 2015 (UTC)

New Covers released and announced, The Apprentice's Quest announced, Goosefeather's Curse, Path of Stars, to be released.

21 July 2015 - The new covers for the Power of Three books are now officially released! Check your local book stores to see if they have them in stock. The new covers of Omen of the Stars will be released on November 3rd, 2015. Goosefeather's Curse is to be released on September 1st, 2015, along with Path of Stars. And the 6th series has been announced, called Vision of Shadows, with The Apprentice's Quest being the first book to be released on March 16th, 2016. Appledash❤ crowfeather 17:05, July 21, 2015 (UTC)

Mapleshade's Vengeance and A Forest Divided to be released.

04 March 2015 - Mapleshade's Vengeance, A Forest Divided, and the new cover re-releases of the first two arcs of Warriors are due for release within the next month! Be sure to get your copies! Jayce (  ) 21:46, March 4, 2015 (UTC)

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A Vision of Shadows #5 River of Fire 10 April 2018

Special Edition #11 Crowfeather's Trial 4 September 2018

A Vision of Shadows #6 The Raging Storm 6 November 2018


Escape from the Forest was released 23 December 2008 and is the second book in the Tigerstar and Sasha Arc.

After learning Tigerstar's plans to take over the forest, which include recruiting BloodClan to help him and murdering half-Clan cats, Sasha rejects Tigerstar's offer to let her join ShadowClan. Tigerstar tries to convince her to stay, but Sasha, opposed to his use of violence and seeing he cares more about his ambitions than his love for her, refuses.

Although heartbroken about leaving Tigerstar, Sasha sets off to find her previous owner, Ken. She searches at the Twoleg nest where she once lived and throughout Twolegplace, but is unable to locate him. She instead ends up wandering onto a tour boat, but the Captain of the boat at first shoos her off. However, he is much more welcoming to her when she attracts customers who want to see the ship's cat. The Captain decides to take her in and names her Brownie.

The Captain is happy having Sasha around, and his boat gets much more business from people who want to see "Brownie the Famous Ship's Cat". Sasha also befriends another cat on the boat, Patch. When leaf-bare comes and the river freezes over, the boat season is over, and the Captain takes Patch away with him. Sasha, meanwhile, decides to go off by herself because she knows she is going to have Tigerstar's kits, and she wants those kits to be born in the forest.
Cats of the Park

The Cats of the Park are a group of cats living in a park upriver to the Forest Territories, who appeared in the bonus scene of Thunder Rising.

The Cats of the Park are a spiritual, peaceful group, and they have routine days. The customs include waking up, washing, eating the food that the Twolegs put out for them, and meditating sessions. Similar to the Clans, they have a system of rankings that include kits, elders, and mentors.

Their territory, the Park, includes a row of bowls that the Twolegs fill with food for the cats to eat, a Thunderpath that crosses through it, a gray stone boundary wall on one side, and a hill that falls steeply to a river on the other side.

Lilyheart is a small, dark gray tabby she-cat with white patches and blue eyes. She is a Warrior of ThunderClan.
She is born to Sorreltail and Brackenfur alongside Seedkit. The kitting is unexpectedly early, causing them to be born near the lake. After the birth, they are carried back to camp where Ferncloud and Daisy lick them until their mother recovers her strength. During the Great Battle, Lilykit and Seedkit stay with Brightheart's very young kits, making sure they stay in the nursery away from the battle.
After the Great Battle, Lilykit and Seedkit reunite with their mother. However, Sorreltail dies of her wounds and they attempt to wake her up. Lilykit explains to Brackenfur that they tried but she would not wake up. Dovewing takes the kits away and Brightheart takes over care for the kits.
Lilykit eventually becomes an apprentice, taking the name Lilypaw. Her mentor, Poppyfrost, tells the apprentice that she is going hunting, despite Lilypaw wanting to participate in battle training. Later, Lilypaw goes to the Gathering with the other apprentices. Amberpaw, Snowpaw and Dewpaw run off and Lilypaw and Seedpaw look at each other, as if too mature for the younger apprentices. They however, cannot help but join as it is their first Gathering. When her name is called during the Gathering, Lilypaw sits upright with pride.
When ThunderClan camp is flooded and the Clan must evacuate to the tunnels, Squirrelflight asks the apprentices to take care of Purdy without him knowing so. Lilypaw comes up with the idea to pretend to be scared and ask Purdy to stay with the apprentices. During a patrol along the ShadowClan border, Lilypaw worries about drowned prey before spotting the Stick of Fallen Warriors, which as lost in the flood. She and her sister want to retrieve it and attempt so, but Bramblestar stops them as he is worried about their safety.
Lilypaw and Seedpaw are looking for their mentors when they decide to try to help Dustpelt. Lilypaw instead slips in her hurry, Seedpaw falling on top of her. Dustpelt yells at them before Bramblestar tells them to get warriors to go hunting. The apprentices have already left so Bramblestar follows them. Lilypaw yells for help as she and her sister are stuck in the flooded water. Bramblestar manages to save her but sadly could not save Seedpaw. Lilypaw is devastated and is guilt-stricken, confessing she suggested going to find the Stick of the Fallen. Her Clanmates insist that it is not her fault however. During Seedpaw's vigil, Lilypaw is still shivering in shock and processing her sister's passing. Although still grieving, she volunteers to help fight kittypets but is kindly refused.
Lilypaw practices for and fights against the badgers threatening ShadowClan. Afterwards, Bramblestar calls her forward. She believes she is in trouble, however, Bramblestar instead makes her a warrior. She takes on the name Lilyheart, as Sorreltail and Seedpaw will always be in her heart. The new warrior thanks Bramblestar for the name, commenting that it is beautiful.
Lilyheart has three kits with Snowbush, Honeykit, Leafkit and Larkkit. When Alderpaw brings Twigkit and Violetkit back from his quest, Lilyheart immediately offers to care for them. She enjoys caring for the extra kits, caring for them as if their her own. However, she does note that she has Daisy's help. Twigkit and Violetkit learn Lilyheart isn't their actual mother, but she reassures them that she loves them as if she is their real mother. She wishes to keep them as part of her family, however, Violetkit is given to ShadowClan so the queen is left with Twigkit.
Twigkit escapes camp and nearly drowns so is taken to the medicine den. Lilyheart attempts to force her way in, scorning the kit for her actions. Jayfeather tells Lilyheart that she can scorn the kit when she is better. The queen protests she is meant to be caring for her, but Jayfeather snaps she shouldn't have let her out of camp then. Lilyheart is steered out of the den, so she grunts before stalking out.
All of Lilyheart's kits become apprentices, and Twigpaw is desperate to impress her and the rest of the Clan, remembering the queen boasting about Larkpaw's hunting. Ivypool, Twigpaw's mentor, reassures that her adopted mother is proud of her. Twigpaw later thinks of how lucky she had Lilyheart as a mother.
When SkyClan settles beside the lake and Twigpaw leaves ThunderClan to join them, Lilyheart talks about how she cannot believe she did so. She admits that she misses the apprentice, saying it is hard raising her then seeing her leave. Snowbush later breaks his leg, and Lilyheart becomes very worried for her mate, not leaving his side ever since. Snowbush passes away from an infection, and Lilyheart does not believe it at first, saying he just had a broken leg. Jayfeather reassures her that StarClan will protect him, but Lilyheart angrily asks why StarClan didn't protect him before.

Allen Douglas
Allen Douglas is an illustrator who has worked for HarperCollins.

Allen was educated at Syracuse University and has been freelancing as an artist for twenty years. His artwork has been recognized by many prominent juried illustration competitions including Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art, the Society of Illustrators of New York and Los Angeles, Art Renewal Center, Ballistic Publishing and Step-By-Step Graphics. His studio is located in Rochester, NY on the southern shores of Lake Ontario.

Allen is credited for all of the Omen of the Stars and Dawn of the Clans arcs of Warriors books.

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