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8 June 2008
Project Mission
To aid new members in settling into the wiki and growing in their skills and abilities by providing mentoring from a more experienced member of the wiki.

Sometimes, it can be overwhelming when you're new to the Warriors Wiki. Project Adopt a User is ready to provide experienced mentors to user in an effort to help them learn the Warriors Wiki Ways and grow into impressive editors.

How Things Work

First, click [[Warriors Wiki:Help|here]. Read the info on that page. Then, click here.

Mentors & Apprentices

Blackclaw09 Hollyleaf :D, Sandstormrocks32
Bramble Willowwhisp, Brightfire360
Frostheart Midnitesky
Helix none currently
Grayravenpaw Shruggy, Zorth
Icestorm Berrymist
Insaneular Cloverheart17
Maplefern Destiny Calling
Moonflight Rainwhisper
Mousetalon Sunfrost, Sugarplum
Nightfall101 SnowStorm
Nightshine Rainwillow
Oblivion Starlingflight
Shigura Elizabeththeliz, Bluecloud
Shimmerpool Snowmist, Nightshadow
Whitestorm17 None Currently
Wildheart7 None Currently
XxdovesongXX Inactive User

Project Userboxes

Code Result Users
{{Project:Adopt a User/Userbox-Adopt}}
Userbox-AdoptM This user is a Mentor.
If you need help or wish to be
adopted, feel free to ask this user.
{{Project:Adopt a User/Userbox-Adopted|Eulalia459678}}
Userbox-AdoptA This user is an Apprentice,
being trained in the WWiki Ways
by Eulalia459678.
{{Project:Adopt a User/Userbox-Mentored|Eulalia459678}}
Userbox-AdoptA This user was trained in the WWiki Ways
by Eulalia459678.


New Page

This page contains all the info you'll need to become a mentor or apprentice.

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