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Emblem-Project This is a Project, a collaboration area and open group of editors dedicated to improving Warriors Wiki's coverage of a particular topic, or to organizing some internal Warriors Wiki process.
For more information on Projects, please see the Community Portal.
Project Members
Supporters: Scarlet, Skye

Beebs, Berry, Bloo, Ivystripe, Leggy, Mistypebble, Shimmerstripe, Splook, & Trolly

Atelda, Bluestar, Dazzy, Elo, Feather, Hawkmask, Knight, Paleclaw, Raelic, Shadewing, Shoon, Sorrel, Stoneclaw, & Thistle

Amber, Darkfrost, Kelpsey, & Silverstar

Angel Studio, Birdbrain101, Brightpatch, Brightpool, Glitterpelt, Potatoes1076, Sea Light, Silverberry, Swanflutter, Stoemstar, Thistleflight, Tigerfur, Tiny, Want2know, Cloudwhisker, & Dawny
To join the project place a request to join on the talk page.
Project Tag


One of these should be added to the tag in place of the **.
- {{Grade0}} - Planned. Marks those articles that are bare-bones stubs.
- {{Grade1}} - Started. An artist has volunteered to undertake this character image.
- {{Grade2}} - Bronze. Image is in place but has not been officially accepted by the project.
- {{Grade3}} - Silver. The image has officially been accepted by the project.
- {{Grade4}} - Gold. These articles have been voted into silver status, AND been a Feature Article for reasons OTHER than Content Drive.
Grade Scale Help & Project Tag Page

Project News

Splook is in charge of keeping the recent news up-to-date. If you have anything you want to add, leave her a message on her talk page with the heading "News Report".


  • December 17th
  • November 24th
    • Congratulations to Beebs who is our newest senior warrior!
  • November 11th
    • Beebs has been nominated for senior warrior. Go vote!
  • September 1st
    • Duck has been nominated for senior warrior. Go vote!
  • August 6th
  • June 11th
    • Congratulations to Knight who is our newest senior warrior! I deeply apologize for posting this late.
  • May 25th
    • Congratulations to Bloo/Raven who is our newest senior warrior!
  • May 22nd
    • Raven and Knight have both been nominated for senior warrior. Go vote! Sorry for being so late.
  • May 12the
    • A forum to find the artist to redo or tweak the queen blanks has been started. If you wish to enter an image post it here!
  • April 27the
    • Congratulations to Shimmerstripe, who is our newest senior warrior!
  • April 16th
    • Beebs has been nominated for senior warrior. Go vote!
  • April 14th
  • March 5th
    • The Sun Trail has been released and is leaving some new Chararts to be done. Have fun and good luck!
  • February 2nd
  • January 29th
    • Cloudstar's Journey has been released, leaving some Chararts to be done for the new characters. Good luck!
  • January 2nd
    • The StarClan blanks have been approved, and art is available. We need all the help we can get. Happy charart making!
  • December 8th
    • The vote for StarClan blank artist is found here. Go vote or nominate!
  • November 23rd
    • Congratulations to Berry, who's our newest Senior Warrior!
  • October 9th
    • Yellowfang's Secret is now released and you are open to reserve chararts for the new characters. Good luck everyone!
  • August 21th
    • Congratulations to Icy, who's now our newest senior warrior! Sorry for the late announcement, as I was a severe derp.
  • August 15th
    • Charart Contest the Second is now open for users to claim and post their entries! Voting begins on the 22nd, so please have your entries in by then. When claiming or posting your entry, make sure to follow the rules written on the page!
  • August 2nd
    • Icy has been nominated to become a senior warrior. Go vote!
  • July 15th
    • Cloudskye will be serving as temporary leader while Scarletwind is away, along with Loonie, who will serve as temporary deputy.
  • June 7th
    • A second vote has been put up on the topic of whether or not there should be featured chararts. Vote here. Vote ends on June 14th.
  • May 27th
  • May 26th
  • May 21th
  • May 13th
  • May 12th
    • Go vote on the Featured Charart forum!
  • April 29th
    • Go vote on the new tweak nomination page rule!
  • April 27th
    • Congratulations to our newest senior warrior, DJCandyBud!
  • April 15th
    • Congrats to Shelly, who is once again a senior warrior.
  • April 12th
  • April 6th
    • A vote to change the tweak nomination voting eligibility has been started here!
    • A vote to add definitions of ranks to the guidelines has been started here!
    • A vote to add specific guidelines for what qualifies for an alt charart to the guidelines has been started here! Go vote!
  • April 2nd
    • The new rogue blanks have been approved! Go here to get a list of all of them to find one to do! Remember, only one rogue and one original per user.
    • Shelly and Silvereye have both been nominated for senior warror! Go vote!
News Archives


Offer Character Art

To offer up character art, simply add a new section to the Talk Page with the image you have made using one of the above pixel blanks (which has been Uploaded to the Wiki). Png file types are preferable, with transparent backgrounds. Please make sure to comply with the Naming Conventions.

Progress & Directions

Apprentice Tutorials
Basic Guidelines
Characters Needing Art
Membership Nominations
Mentor Program
Tweak Nominations

Mentor Program

For more information on how to become a mentor or how to apply for one, look here.

Mentor Program Used Apprentice Apprentice
Bbun GIMP, Pixlr Starstar99 1
Duck Pixlr, Paint, Sumopaint, Paint.NET, GIMP Amber, Silverberry, Seabreeze123 3
Fernflight GIMP, paint.NET, Pixlr Brightpatch, MudPaw 2
Rainlegs Pixlr, Sumopaint, GIMP  Swanflutter 1
Raven GIMP, Photoshop Elements 9 Glitterpelt 1
Shimmerstripe GIMP, Photoshop Elements


Splook GIMP None N/A
Thistleberry GIMP, Pixlr Hawkmask121 1 Events

Only mentors are allowed to host events. Please make sure all times are in UTC. For more guidelines, go here and to download click here.

Host Subject Date Start Time End Time Program(s) Link


Project Userboxes

Code Result Users
{{Project:Charart/Userbox|a member}}
Userbox-Charart This user a member of
Project Character Art.
{{Project:Charart/Userbox|a Kit}}
Userbox-Charart This user a Kit of
Project Character Art.
{{Project:Charart/Userbox|an Apprentice}}
Userbox-Charart This user an Apprentice of
Project Character Art.
{{Project:Charart/Userbox|a Warrior}}
Userbox-Charart This user a Warrior of
Project Character Art.
{{Project:Charart/Userbox|a Senior Warrior}}
Userbox-Charart This user a Senior Warrior of
Project Character Art.
{{Project:Charart/Userbox|the Deputy}}
Userbox-Charart This user the Deputy of
Project Character Art.
{{Project:Charart/Userbox|the Leader}}
Userbox-Charart This user the Leader of
Project Character Art.
{{Project:Charart/Userbox|a Mentor}}
Userbox-Charart This user a Mentor of
Project Character Art.

Current Projects

Only WARRIORS AND ABOVE are allowed to tweak or redo images

A maximum of one character/rank can be claimed by any one kit or apprentice at any one time, and a maximum of two character/rank can be claimed by any one warrior at any one time; that must include any images up for approval at the time. However, only one of those reservations is permitted to be original art. These may only be up for 1 week. No characters are permitted to be claimed for ranks that we do not have blanks for. (These will be removed from the page) Also, there is a new system of abbreviations to be used when reserving to ensure that there are no arguments over characters or duplicates. This is detailed below:

Leader= (L), Deputy= (D), Medicine Cat= (MC), Medicine Cat Apprentice= (MCA), Warrior= (W), Apprentice= (A), Kit= (Ki), Elder= (E), Queen= (Q) Loner= (Lo), Rogue= (R), Prey Hunter= (PH), Cave Guard= (CG), Healer= (H), Kittypet= (KP), Sharpclaw= (SC), Softpaw= (SP), StarClan= (Star)

Please use Ctrl + F and type which character you want to do in the search box that appears to make sure no one has already listed the character on this page. Thank you

Please remember to only add the dates you reserve images for original art, and not those being tweaked and/or redone.

User Name Original Tweak Tweak Date Added
Amber None None None N/A
Angel Mossheart (SC) (Star) None None December 13th
Atelda Cloud (KM) (Q) None None Nov. 26
Bbun Mapleshade (Alt A) Poppycloud (Q) None Dec 12th/Dec 25th
Berry None None None N/A
Bluestar None None None N/A
Brightpool None None None N/A
Cloudwhisker None None None N/A
Creameh None None None N/A
Darkfrost Owl Eyes (Ki) Ashfoot (Q) None December 10th/December 7th
Dawn None None None N/A
Dazzy None None None N/A
Derpberry None None None N/A
Elo None None None N/A
Emberpoppy7 Mosspelt (Alt Q) None None December 9th
Feather Mothflight (Ki) None None November Eighth '013
Ginger None None None N/A
Glitter None None None N/A
Hawky Mapleshade (Alt Ki) Snowfur (Q) Toadskip (W) Dec 29/Dec 21
Ivystripe River (K) Cinders (Q) None Dec 11/Dec 13
Kelpsey Ferncloud (Q) None None Dec. 15
Knight None None None N/A
Mistypebble None None None N/A
Paleclaw None Leafstar (KP) Leafstar (Ki) N/A
Rainlegs Brook (Q) Tawnypelt (Q) Leafpool (MCA) Nov. 7th/Nov 20th
Raelic None Sol (Ki) Sol (KP) N/A
Raven Dawncloud (E) Dawncloud (Q) None Dec 15
Scarletwind Splashnose (Q) Poppydawn (Q) None Dec 20/Dec 22
Shadewing None None None N/A
Silver None None None N/A
Shimmerstripe Wrenflight (Q) Cloudberry (Q) None Dec. 27/Dec. 30
Shoon None None None N/A
Skye Meadowslip (Q) Mitzi (Lo) (Q) Nettleclaw (W) December 23/December 26
Sorrel Songbird (Q) Minty (Q) Crowfeather (Ki) 20th Dec/19th Dec
Splook None None None N/A
Stoney None None None N/A
Tater None None None N/A
Thistle None None None N/A
Tigerfur None None None N/A
Tiny Sunfish (Q) None None December 15th
Trolly Dawnstripe (Q) Storm (Ro) (Q) None 14th Dec/23rd dec
Wanty None None None N/A


Contributions licensed as CC-BY-SA. More F

Pixel Blanks

Make sure to right-click the image thumbnails and select 'Open Link' to get the full-sized versions!
Please do not make pixels if a base is not yet available for that rank.

These blanks and all images made with them are for Warriors Wiki only. Please do not use them on any other site. Thank you.

Approved Files

See the list of approved files.

Vacation List

If you will be away from the project for a period of 6 days or longer then please place your signature below. Once you return, make sure you cross out your username with <s> </s>.

Ok this is just a notice, on the 26th highschool starts for me so I won't be very active. :/ Siberia 00:38, August 8, 2013 (UTC)

I've been pretty inactive now that school's started and all- I'll still be here some, but I won't be very active at all for a while. I'm really sorry guys, but my schoolwork needs to come first. Shimmer little snowflakes falling 23:05, 09/2/2013

Starting school on Wednesday, so I'll be busy with that and homework and stuff, which means I won't be very active for a while. I don't know how long, but I do know that it'll be a while. Sorry guys. x.x ShoonderpThe story of my life... 23:17, September 2, 2013 (UTC)

School's started for me too. (Not that I had any projects going on, but I'm silently waiting for new characters to come with new books :3).:*Cherryblossom *:.Leaf-Fall is coming...

School *chokes* and soccer are eating up my schedule. I'll go on around 11-12 at night LA time if ever. Sorry :/      Δ♣KΣ⌡ÞSΣA♣Δ         RIP Connie.      06:30 Wed Sep 11

I'm going on a trip to China and the Internet connection is not so hot there. Also, I have to do family stuffs, so please don't remove me from the project because I'll be gone for two weeks and a half. --Derpberry 21:52, November 8, 2013 (UTC)

Hello! As many of you have the same issue, I am FLOODED with schoolwork and homework, so don't expect me to be here often. --Brighty 23:52, November 13, 2013 (UTC)

I've been inactive for quite some time but I didn't know I had to post here (sorry). •Wanty•That's fine too! 22:22, December 20, 2013 (UTC)

I haven't been on PCA for quite a long time, sorry, and I won't be active for a couple of days on the whole of wiki because those days are just my "wiki vacation" days. I've been flooded with homework ever since school started, so don't expect me to be on here constantly. :p --{{SUBST:Template: ~Glitter~/Sig}} 21:17, December 22, 2013 (UTC)

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