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Staff Shuffle and Future Partnership!!!

The wiki staff have seen some users rise to new ranks: Jayfrost and Steathfire star are now rollbacks! Congrats to them both for passing the RfR process!
The projects have also seen quite a shuffle:
PCA has a new leader- SnowedLightning has been promoted, after Bbun has chosen to step away to become a senior warrior. The new leader has selected Jayfrost to be his deputy! Tigerbird and Breezeheart have stepped down from their senior warrior ranking, as have Trollsky and Pikachushinx. While still active, these users have decided to relinquish their lead ranks, and we hope they can come back should they wish.
PC has a new leader and deputy! Bbun has been promoted to leader, and her deputy is Stealthfire! SnowedLightning has also been promoted to senior warrior once again- all of these are following the retirement of Ducksplash.
PR has a new leader and deputy as well! Atelda will be taking the helm, and SnowedLightning serves as deputy, having been temporary leader until a better suited member could be found!
Congratulation to all users!

A new forum has been created with the intent of partnering with fellow fandom website- Warrior's Wish! WW has been around since 2006, and is lead by some very wonderful and welcoming users! Here's to a long-lasting partnership! Go comment on the forum and be part of something amazing! Jayce (  ) 05:30, July 4, 2015 (UTC)

Three New PCA Leads and a New Chatmod!

I am very pleased to announce that Tigerbird, Burntclaw, and Breezeheart have all been promoted to PCA senior warriors!! On that note, Tigerbird has also successfully been promoted to chat moderator! Be sure to send your congratulations to all three wonderful users! Jayce (  ) 21:53, March 4, 2015 (UTC)

New Books and New PC SW!

I am exited to announce Stealthfire star's recent addition to the leads of PC as a Senior Warrior! I am also pleased to announce that Bramblestar's Storm and The Blazing Star have also been released. In other news, a few users have been nominated for PCA SW status. Please go vote and help our wiki become the best resource of Warriors online! -Ducksauce 01:15, February 21, 2015 (UTC)

Promotion, A New PCA Lead, and New Books!

Not long after her promotion to PCA senior warrior, I am delighted to announce that Pikachushinx has also become a chat moderator! I would also like to inform everyone that Jayfrost's senior warrior nomination has passed, and she now joins PCA's other leads! I wish these two good luck in their new positions, and I encourage anyone else that is interested in a staff position to keep editing, helping enforce the policies, and make sure to treat everyone with respect!
I would also like to remind everyone that The Blazing Star and Dovewing's Silence were released last Tuesday (4 November), and there are many character and book articles that could use your help! There are many characters that have yet to have their articles from the release of Bramblestar's Storm (released on 26 August), Leafpool's Wish (released on 22 April), The First Battle (released on 8 April), and Tigerclaw's Fury (released on 28 January), that could also use some love and attention. May StarClan light your path and happy editing! Jayce (  ) 10:12, November 10, 2014 (UTC)

Leadership Changes, Promotions, and More!

First off, I would like to sadly announce the resignation of Ducksplash. School bears down even on our staff as he takes a step back from his duties as an administrator. He will still remain the leader of PW and PC, however. While on that note, Atelda has stepped away from her deputy role in PC, and Bbun has taken her place! PCA also has two new senior warriors-Pikachushinx and Hawkmask121! Berry has stepped away from her senior warrior duties for now, and we wish her luck! Jayfrost has a pending senior warrior nomination, and she, along with Shoon, are now chat moderators! Congratulations to all users who have gotten promotions as of late! We appreciate everything you do for the wiki, and keep up the amazing work!! Jayce (  ) 05:27, October 24, 2014 (UTC)

Staff Promotion and Project Leadership Changes!

I'd like to announce that the chat moderator Appledash has been promoted to a rollback position! Also, Atelda and Ducksplash have switched positions in PC, with Atelda being the new deputy and Ducksplash being the new leader. Birdqueen102 has now been promoted as a senior warrior in PB. Please offer your congratulations to all of these users! -Ducksauce 17:31, August 7, 2014 (UTC)

Another Promotion and Belated Resignation Announcement!

I would like to gladly announce that Fernflight has been promoted to chat moderator! We wish him well in his new challenge, and hope he stays for many moons to come! I also would like to inform the wiki of the resignation of former Chat Moderator Ivystripe, and we wish him good luck in everything he chooses to do outside then wiki.
On that note, we are still looking for a couple Rollbacks and Chat Moderators. If anyone thinks they're ready to step up to the plate, they are more than welcome to take a swing! Be sure to read the policies very thoroughly before applying and best of luck!
Jayce (  ) 14:48, June 28, 2014 (UTC)

Project Leadership Changes
All of the projects have added or changed leadership!
PC has a new senior warrior: Bbun!
PCA has reopened and Bbun is now the leader with SnowedLightning as her deputy and Berry, .Trollsky, and Sorrelflower as the senior warriors.
PB has a new deputy, Birdpaw and Birdqueen102 is currently nominated for a senior warrior position.
PW has a new leader, Ducksplash, who has named his deputy Bbun
PR has a new leader, Stoneclaw33, who has not named a deputy yet.
We wish all of these users luck and we hope they excel at their duties! -Ducksauce 22:15, June 20, 2014 (UTC)

Staff Promotions and New Staff Member
Ducksplash and SnowedLightning have both been promoted to administrator positions and Bbun has been promoted to a rollback. Appledash has also been promoted to a chat moderator position. We'd like to wish these users the best of luck in their new positions! -Ducksauce 04:35, June 20, 2014 (UTC)

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