This is a list of needed updates and other items to be worked on while the Userbox Project is in maintenance mode. Please add and subtract projects to be done as needed.



  • Update shippings:
    • Add pairings needing userboxes here
Rainswept Flower and Jagged Peak (in my opinion)
Moonflower and Sunstar
  • Userboxes needing pairing images:
    • Add userboxes needing pairing images here
Most of them need updating, seen as most images were tweaked, they would be better up-to-date. ☽➸ Hawky Void Shadowshot2:31 Wed Jan 1
Ivypool and Hawkfrost
Turtle Tail and Gray Wing
Sandgorse and Palebird
Sharpclaw (SC) and Cherrytail


  • Convert all user trait userboxes to #switch tag.
    • ex. {{User Trait|grumpy}} would become {{userbox-trait|Mousefur|elder|grumpy}}
  • Update Traits:
    • Add traits needing a userboxes here

Pet Peeves

  • Convert all pet peeve userboxes to #switch tag.
    • ex. {{Template:Warriors Pet Peeves|Ivypaw}} would become {{userbox-petpeeve|Ivypool|apprentice|is too jealous}}
  • Update characters for pet peeves:
    • Add characters needing pet peeve userboxes here
Ashfur (TC) (This user thinks Ashfur needs to get over Squirrelflight)

Warriors Locations

  • Create Warriors location userboxes.
  • Locations needing a userbox:
    • Add locations needing a userbox here


If major enough for it's own category please make one above.


  • Userboxes with issues (coding or otherwise):
    • Add userboxes with issues here


This is the last thing the Userbox Project will do during maintenance. Please wait until then to work on them.

  • Userboxes yet to go through face-lift:
    • Add userboxes needing face-lift