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This is the Project Character Art Tweaks Page
Place tweaked character art for approval here.
Discussions should be routed to the discussion page, while all New Art should be routed to the approval page, and all Tweak Nominations should be routed to the nominations page.
Emblem-Project This is a Project Discussion page, where a group of dedicated editors may come together and work towards their common goal.
For more information on Projects, please see the Community Portal.
Chararts needing tweaking are here
Here are some guidelines all users must comply with:
  1. We still follow the same guidelines
  2. If your image has gone more than 48 hours without comment, you can politely nudge a senior member to archive it
  3. The limit is 25 images for approval at a time
  4. Even if your image has gone through 24 hours, and someone comments, you still have to fix it.

If you have any ideas that can help this page flow smoother, let us know.


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Voleclaw(A) - Tweaked

Voleclaw.apprentice oa was teldy tweaked for shading comments? ~Duck simpler = better 21:48, July 21, 2014 (UTC)

Define, not darken, the shading near the rear of the cat, the tail, and feets as well. jayce Reveℓation 17:15, 7/24/2014 

Snowfur (A) - Tweaked

Snowfur.apprentice oa is snowdazzle with tweaks from duck and splook. expanded the highlights. comments? —kyle fallin' apart to half-time 23:40, 07/22/2014

yo so anyway i did have this on the table before i posted this it just wouldn't publish??? i hit publish on this page after i did on the main charart page but idk my internet is weird bruh but yah that's what happened —kyle fallin' apart to half-time 23:50, 07/22/2014

Shouldnt the eyes be blue? That looks like green. and her other chararts have blue eyes. It might just be my screen, though.--~Breezeheart~ (talk) 00:19, July 23, 2014 (UTC)

They are blue. I never touched the eyes. —kyle fallin' apart to half-time 00:39, 07/23/2014

Could you darken the shading just a tiny bit? I can hardly see it. Shinxy Blitz and Melody 12:07, July 23, 2014 (UTC)

Antpelt (Ro) ~ Tweaked

Antpelt.rogue OA was Berry, tweaked for scarred back. I've not done scars before, and therefore had to guess how, so please excuse the ugliness. Shinxy Blitz and Melody 11:38, July 25, 2014 (UTC)

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