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Join Request

I don't know how to do these but I'll learn lmao Comet ☄ Blazing Star 19:49, April 8, 2018 (UTC)

Cool beans, my dude. Spooky and I are trying to refresh this, so it might take a little bit for us to sort out what still needs to be done... but in the meantime, you're always welcome to give us some input! Jayce READY STEADY GO! ( 19:57, 4/08/2018 )

Hey, I'd like to join too^^ -Patchfeather 20:06, April 8, 2018 (UTC)

Done. We don't really have any active guidelines to follow, but feel free to toss ideas here! Jayce READY STEADY GO! ( 20:09, 4/08/2018 )


So, Spooky and I have decided to reopen the project, and bring some updating to it. There's a bit of a backlog in terms of userboxes and coding, so she and I are hoping to fix that up. Does anyone have any suggestions for other things we could do to bring life back to this project? Jayce READY STEADY GO! ( 20:07, 4/08/2018 )