Emblem-Project This is a Project Discussion page, where a group of dedicated editors may come together and work towards their common goal.
For more information on Projects, please see the Community Portal.

This is where users can nominate another user to be one of the organizers of the project. Organizers arrange and design userboxes to keep up with the series and the wiki for any demands that might be brought up.

Successful Nominations
Unsuccessful Nominations


  • Must be a member of the wiki for at least a month
  • Must have contributed/be contributing to at least one (1) project
  • User must accept nomination

Process to File a Nomination:

If a user is found who meets all the requirements, a nomination can be filed that should look as follows:
:Insert speech here
:Insert nominated user's decision of wanting to be accepted or not
<!--If the nominated user has not edited the acceptance section of their nomination, please refrain from voting if until they accept-->
:Insert {{voteyay}}, {{votenay}}, or {{dontvote}} here preferably with a reason
  • The user nominating another user should explain why said user should be admitted into the project with evidence to support their case.
  • Please note that nominations from another user for another user is just as much accepted as self nominations where a user will vouch for themselves. In a self nomination, the user can skip the acceptance section.
  • Once a speech has been made, the nominated user must accept the nomination for the nomination to proceed. Should the nomination be a self nomination, the user should skip this step.
  • If the nominated user accepts the nomination, the nomination will go to a vote lasting two (2) week. Voting is open to all users on the wiki who meet the requirements. Those requirements are as followed:
  • Must be a member of the wiki for at least a month
  • Must have contributed/be contributing to at least one (1) project
  • User must be logged in and use the voting templates of {{voteyay}}, {{votenay}}, or {{dontvote}}
  • If a user would like to comment or inquire about something, they should use {{comment}} or {{question}}.
  • Please note that this process is just like a nomination for those obtaining the rights of a chat moderator. The users listed below are not competing against each other, but being voted into the project as "leads".


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