"Wee Hen and Whiteberry could swap stories from dawn to dusk. There was talk of her settling with the Clan once."
Brackenwing mentioning Wee Hen in Tallstar's Revenge, page 90

Wee Hen is a she-cat[2] with an unknown description.


In the Super Edition Arc

Tallstar's Revenge

When speaking about the visitors, Brackenwing lowers her voice, and states that she hopes Wee Hen had made it through leaf-bare, as she was frail the last time she was seen. Meadowslip comments that Whiteberry would be disappointed if she didn’t come. Brackenwing remarks that Wee Hen and Whiteberry could swap stories from dawn to dusk, and recalls talk of her settling in the Clan at one time. Meadowslip, sounding shocked, asks how she would be able to settle with them, and how they would explain to her about the other Clans. Brackenwing points out that WindClan wouldn’t be the first to take in a rogue.
When asked where Wee Hen was, Bess shakes her head, and states that it was a harsh cold season, but Wee Hen had died warm and full-fed. Heatherstar's tail droops, and replies that she would be missed. Whiteberry then hurries over the tussocks, and inquires if she had any words for him. Bess then meets his gaze, and answers that Wee Hen asked that he should share her stories with his little ones, in which Whiteberry promises that he would do so.


Brackenwing: "I hope Wee Hen made it through leaf-bare. She was very frail last time we saw her."
Meadowslip: "Whiteberry will be disappointed if she doesn't come."
Brackenwing: "Wee Hen and Whiteberry could swap stories from dawn to dusk. There was talk of her settling with the Clan once."
Meadowslip: "Settling with us? How would we explain her to the other Clans?"
—Brackenwing and Meadowslip discussing about Wee Hen Tallstar's Revenge, page 90

Whiteberry: "Did she have any words for me?"
Bess: "She asked that you share her stories with your young'uns."
Whiteberry: "Of course."
—Whiteberry asking if Wee Hen had any words for him Tallstar's Revenge, page 140

Heatherstar: "It's good to see you again, Bess. Where's Wee Hen?"
Bess: "'Twas a hard cold-season. But she died warm and full-fed."
Heatherstar: "She'll be missed."
—Heatherstar asking where Wee Hen was Tallstar's Revenge, page 140

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