"My name is Whitetail. I walked in these woods long ago, before you were even dreamed of. But if we had met before, would you have noticed me, I wonder?"
— Whitetail meeting Tigerclaw in The Ultimate Guide, page 93

Whitetail is a small pale gray she-cat with a loosely hanging pelt and a bony frame.[1]


In the Field Guides

The Ultimate Guide

Whitetail appears at Tigerclaw's leadership ceremony. The dark tabby is confused as to who she is, and as if reading his thoughts, she introduces herself as Whitetail, a cat who walked the forest long ago. She asks him if he even would have noticed her, had they been alive at the same time, owing to her size, barely reaching Tigerclaw's chest, and her pelt hanging loosely from her bony frame. The broad warrior thinks about how if they had ever met in battle, he would have swatted her aside easily with one paw as if she was a moth.
She gives Tigerclaw a life for understanding that size isn't everything, and touches her muzzle to his chest. When he is finished recieving her life, Whitetail looks up at him and whispers to beware the small cats, before turning around and walking back into the shadows.


"I give you a life for understanding that size isn't everything. Strength does not always mean power, and you should respect your enemies, whatever they look like."
—Whitetail giving Tigerclaw a life The Ultimate Guide, page 93

"Beware the small cats."
—Whitetail warning Tigerclaw The Ultimate Guide, page 93

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