Yellowfang's Secret
Chapter Number: 38 (of 40)
Page Numbers: 468 - 482
Point of View: Yellowfang
Preceded: Chapter 37
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Chapter Number: 38 (of 40)
Page Numbers: 468-482

Chapter Summary

Yellowfang's PoV

A cold wind enters the Gathering hollow as Brokenstar stands on the Great Rock. Blackfoot, the ShadowClan deputy, sits below the rock; Stumpytail, Russetfur, Brownpaw, and Brackenfoot huddle close by. Yellowfang sits with the other medicine cats, but she thinks of how she doesn't feel at ease anymore. She wonders if StarClan told them about what's happening in ShadowClan, and remembers her own dreams.
She listens to Brokenstar as he gives the report on ShadowClan. The ShadowClan leader, triumph lighting his eyes, announces that his Clan is strong. He declares that ShadowClan has been challenged on each border, but have prevailed in each fight. He gazes across the clearing, and snarls that he will not tolerate trespassers, and narrows his eyes.
Brokenstar then welcomes Badgerpaw, and the small black and white cat stands up proudly; Yellowfang, however, thinks that he's too young. The other ShadowClan apprentices cheer his name, but Yellowfang feels grief grip her stomach. She remembers Volepaw, who had died from a rat bite. The medicine cat wonders if Brokenstar is mad, since he made the new apprentices fight a rat as part of their training. Barkface, WindClan's medicine cat, leans into Yellowfang's ear, and quietly asks her about Badgerpaw, his gaze disapproving. The ThunderClan medicine cat, Spottedleaf, wonders aloud if any cat would train kits.
Yellowfang gets irritable when she thinks that she can't influence Brokenstar, and curtly responds to their questions, telling them her leader knows what he's doing. She turns her back on the others, and ignores them when they mutter about her. Yellowfang knows she can't do anything to defend Brokenstar, so she doesn't speak, and instead reminisces about the times when he'd convinced her Clanmates that everything was their enemy. Brokenstar had told his warriors that they would do anything to protect their Clan, even if it meant giving up their kits.
The medicine cat sadly thinks of how she'd given up hope on her Clanmates. Yellowfang silently exclaims that Brokenstar had complete power, and wonders if anyone would be able to stop him. After the Gathering comes to an end, Brokenstar leads his Clan back home. Badgerpaw walks beside his leader, and Brokenstar promises the tiny tom that he can fight in a battle soon, exciting the apprentice. The dark tabby goes on, telling Badgerpaw that he scented WindClan in ShadowClan's territory, so he'll lead his cats to attack at dawn.
Badgerpaw darts away, over to Flintfang, and excitedly tells him that he'll be fighting WindClan. As Flintfang replies to his apprentice, Yellowfang can pick up weight in his voice, and thinks he must not be keen about Badgerpaw fighting. Fernshade watches her son fondly, and tells Yellowfang how proud she is. As Yellowfang draws breath to speak, she stops herself, almost saying aloud that Badgerpaw shouldn't even be an apprentice yet.
In a short timeskip, Yellowfang is crouched in some prickly grass, listening to the sounds of skirmishing coming from the other side of the Thunderpath. As sun shines overhead and branches rustle, the gray she-cat tells herself that this isn't a day where cats should die. She hears pawsteps behind her, and turns around, spotting Nightpelt, a limp mouse in his jaws. It's noted that even though the elders were exiled, Nightpelt looked sleek and confident. Mentally, Yellowfang knows the black tom had found a purpose in life; hunting for the exiled elders, and keeping their spirits up. Nightpelt sits beside Yellowfang after setting his prey down, and asks her how long ShadowClan would have to live under Brokenstar's rule.
Bitterly, Yellowfang responds until every cat is dead, in ShadowClan or over in WindClan. Nightpelt questions StarClan's motives, and Yellowfang says they must be proud. To herself, the medicine cat remembers how she had begged her ancestors for answers, but they'd ignored her. She notes they must have abandoned ShadowClan, to wherever Brokenstar leads. Speaking aloud now, she meows that her Clan is feared by all Clans now. Nightpelt heaves a sigh, takes his prey, and leaves to go back to the elders' den.
She feels a pang of guilt, then remembers her dreams; dark and bloodstained. She notes that what Brokenstar is doing is wrong, as the dreams had demonstrated. StarClan had never appeared in her dreams, not even Silverflame. She knows that whatever she does, it was all up to her. Determined, she tells herself that she has to stop Brokenstar, since he has to listen to her. Russetfur appears, panting heavily, calling Yellowfang's name.
The dark ginger she-cat hurriedly tells the gray she-cat that Runningnose sent her to find Yellowfang, as Brightflower had started kitting. Yellowfang springs to her paws, and races back to camp, but when she reaches the nursery, Brightflower is curled around two kits. Her apprentice, Runningnose, looks at Brightflower with satisfaction, and Yellowfang nods to him. She asks her mother if she named the kits yet, and Brightflower touches a tiny tortoiseshell, calling her Marigoldkit. She had named the other Mintkit, and introduces Yellowfang to them.
Both kits knead Brightflower's stomach with their small paws, and Yellowfang thinks that they look strong and healthy. Pain strikes the medicine cat, as she remembers her own daughters, who had died shortly after birth. She bends down and touches her nose to the kits in turn, welcoming them to ShadowClan. However, Brightflower whispers to Yellowfang, saying she would've been a great mother, and the gray cat tenses up. She hisses at her mother, firmly telling her she's a medicine cat now. But when she sees Mintkit and Marigoldkit kneading Brightflower's stomach, love and longing overcomes Yellowfang, and she says they're perfect.
Noise comes from outside the nursery, and Yellowfang wonders aloud if it's news of the battle. She leaves the den quickly, and instantly spots Flintfang, carrying a limp black and white shape in his jaws. She wails Badgerpaw's name, and bounds up to the gray tom. Flintfang had laid Badgerpaw's body down, and was stroking his apprentice's flank with one paw. Yellowfang sees his eyes: glazed, as though he could still see the brutal fight. Flintfang murmurs sorrowfully that he fought like a lion. The gray warrior protests that he shouldn't be dead, because he should never have been fighting.
Flitfang tells Yellowfang that he'll never train another kit again, for it brings shame to his Clan. Yellowfang settles down, and starts cleaning Badgerpaw's flank. She washes away the blood, and filth of the battle.
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