These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events in Yellowfang's Secret that will be of consequence later. They are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading and the book discussions.


Chapter 1

  • Yellowkit, Nutkit, and Rowankit are playing in the ShadowClan camp and Yellowkit tells Nutkit to be a WindClan warrior, because she wants to show off her battle moves.
  • Raggedkit and Scorchkit interrupt their game, boasting about the battle moves they know, and demonstrate for the younger kits.
  • Nutkit suggest to his littermates that they should go catch mice in the brambles, and Raggedkit teases Nutkit, causing Nutkit to call Raggedkit a kittypet.
  • Yellowkit remembers overhearing the elders discussing who Raggedkit and Scorchkit's father was, and how it was possible it was a kittypet.
  • The five kits are about to get into a fight when Brightflower calls Yellowkit and her littermates back to the nursery.

Chapter 2

  • Cedarstar calls a Clan meeting to make Scorchkit and Raggedkit apprentices.
  • Yellowkit feels as if she has a thorn in her paw, but when Brightflower looks there's nothing there.
  • After the meeting Yellowkit goes to see Sagewhisker, and waits outside while Sagewhisker treats Lizardstripe, who had stepped on a thorn.
    • When Lizardstripe comes out Yellowkit's paw has stopped hurting, and she can't find a trace of anything sharp in the ground.

Chapter 3

  • Yellowkit and Nutkit wakes up in the night with stomachaches.
    • Brightflower notices them and goes to get Sagewhisker, but first asks if they ate anything.
    • Nutkit tells her that he found, and ate some of, a dead sparrow. Yellowkit says she didn't eat any of it, but Brightflower doesn't believe her.
    • Sagewhisker comes over with herbs, and Yellowkit asks if she's going to give them herbs to make them sick. Sagewhisker says yes, and feeds them the yarrow.
    • Then next day Yellowkit wakes up hungry, but remembers that Brightflower told her not to eat anything.
    • Yellowkit goes by the elders as Lizardfang tells a story of how they drove out a WindClan warrior.
    • Yellowkit passes by the fresh kill-pile and is tempted by a mouse, Sagewhisker stops her.
    • To entertain Yellowkit, Sagewhisker teaches about herbs. Sagewhisker claims Yellowkit to have a real aptitude for herbs.

Chapter 4

  • Yellowkit worries that Silverflame is getting sick.
  • Yellowkit sees Brackenfoot, her father, training Raggedpaw.
  • Yellowkit, Rowankit, and Nutkit receive their apprentice ceremonies.
  • Yellowpaw feels a sharp pain in her belly in the start of the tour with her mentor, Deerleap.
    • They go back to camp, but Yellowpaw sees that Sagewhisker is busy, so they return to the tour.
  • When they come back to camp, Brightflower reveals that Silverflame is on her way to StarClan.
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